Signs that show your interview was successful

Signs that show your interview was successful

“I’ll get back to you” It’s every HRs reply to nerve cracking interview. Indeed, waiting for the interviewer’s response marks a hard time for every candidate. Sometimes recruiters immediately provide the feedback even if it is negative; it is much easier to deal with a feedback rather than waiting long without a feedback.

To provide candidates with some relief, here are some signs that the recruiter gives which tell that there are high chances that the interview was successful.

Word choice by a recruiter

During the interview listen carefully to the words used by the recruiter as it is usually observed that he or she will refer to sentences like “you would be joining on this date”, “If hired you would be assisted by HR” that shows that you are being considered for the job role.

Body language of HR recruiter

Generally, it is noticed that the interviewer may unconsciously make some sounds or provide hints through body language which shows that you are doing good. Like he or she may nod their head or make some leg movements or sit comfortably.

Casual talk

If you observe that the recruiter has suddenly started talking casually which means that he or she is satisfied that you fit perfectly in the job profile and now he would be interested in knowing more about you.

Meeting more team members

Once the interview is over the recruiter starts introducing you to other team members. It is a positive sign that you have been selected and considered the perfect fit for the job.

Perk explanation

The recruiter starts explaining perks which are related to the job profile or in simple terms trying to sell the company to you. It happens when they agree that you are a good fit for the job and finally want you to join them, especially when you have multiple job offers at that time.

Stretched interviews

When the interview gets stretched and the recruiter keeps asking similar questions in different ways means that they want you to join them and provide answers for different scenarios.

Positive reply to the follow-up email

There may be many other candidates who have applied for the same job but if you have sent a follow-up email and received a reply then it means that you are being considered for the job. It also shows that they are impressed and take out time to respond to you so that you can wait till the time they get confirmation about your job offer.

Final Thoughts

The tendency of getting restless is very common whenever we go through an interview. It is not so easy to read the interviewer’s face, but with a few signs as discussed, you can very well understand how your interview was. Although at times, it is not so easy to predict the success, and analyze the interviewers’ reactions, always try to learn from your experience and work on improving and performing better in your next coming interviews. It is always good to analyze your interview as it will always prove beneficial to you to move on faster.

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