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Our objective is to build the best collection of Vetted Talents for organizations, and to help people build amazing remote careers from anywhere in the World.

We hand pick our locations.

Our objective is to curate the best collection of vetted talent for organizations and enable individuals to build amazing remote careers from anywhere in the world. We believe that nobody should have to conform to a cubicle-centric work culture to produce outstanding results, and no organization should have to overspend to hire top talent.

At ScaleUp, we assist software developers, designers, app developers, SEO experts, and other professionals in preparing for and securing remote jobs, while simplifying the hiring process for organizations seeking top remote talent. Since 2018, we have connected over 100 talented individuals from India, Egypt, Mexico, and Philippines with leading organizations, all while upholding our belief in remote work culture.

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Maor Cohen

Co Founder

Nadi Hassan

Co Founder

Deena Elemam

Partnerships & Growth

Ivan Ortega

Account Manager

Mohammad Faisal

Lead UX.UI Designer

Ahmed Foud

Account Manager