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8 questions you must ask an interviewer

“Do you have anything to ask?” It’s usually the concluding question of a job interview. Most candidates fail to take this opportunity to know more about their job and the employer. It is essential for every candidate to prepare a set of questions to ask an employer. This can not only help you understand the employer but also get some clarity on their expectations.

Here are 8 questions that you must ask an interviewer before ending an interview.

Question #1: What will my day-to-day responsibilities include?

A candidate should not get stuck with excess responsibilities beyond their job role. This question can provide a job seeker with a clear idea of what the employer expects him to do. It also enables the candidate to evaluate whether he/she fits into these daily activities.

Question #2: Can you elaborate on company culture and values?

Insights into the company culture and core values enable candidates to determine if they are culturally fit. It gives the candidate information about the working environment as well.

Question #3: How have been your experience working with the company?

What can be more enlightening than knowing your interviewer’s experience? If the interviewer answers enthusiastically, there is a high chance that he/she is a happy employee. If not, you need to re-evaluate your decision to join the same unhappy workforce.

Question #4: What are the metrics used to measure success in this company?

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) vary from role to role, from company to company. The answer to this question enables a candidate to understand the KPIs for the specific job role. It also provides an understanding of the company’s perspective on measuring success.

Question #5: How can the company help in my career development?

Today, job seekers are determined to look for scopes of career progression. An employer must provide adequate opportunities for training and upskilling. This question helps the candidate reveal the company’s standpoint on employee career growth. A company without any growth opportunity is a big red flag.

Question #6: How are the teams structured?

You have to work in a team and collaborate with every team member. Gaining a deep understanding of the team structure lets you understand different roles within the team. It’s a good idea to ask for names and titles while the interviewer answers this question.

Question #7: What do you think is the most challenging aspect of this job?

Through the interview, the interviewer gets to know about your strength and weakness. It is a good opportunity to enquire about the challenging part of this job according to the interview. This will help a candidate to be prepared for the problems that may arise.

Question #8: After going through my resume, do you think there is any hurdle that can prevent me from becoming a good fit for the job role?

It is a good question to end a job interview. This question enables a candidate to show interest in the job and it may also reveal potential concerns of the interviewer. The answer to this question also enables a candidate to evaluate the chances of getting the job.

Final Thoughts

It is essential to be alert during your job interview. These questions enable you to gain a competitive edge while understanding the employer better. Whenever you get into an interview room, make sure to incorporate these questions to nail your dream job.

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