15 Tips to Hire Best Talent for Tech Team 2022

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the work culture has drastically transformed. Today the best talents are preferring flexibility over traditional 9-to-5 jobs. Therefore, it is essential for organizations to evaluate their approach to recruitment. Hiring talents have become one of the most challenging parts for HR as well as Tech leaders. 

Challenges in hiring Software Developer

The Great Resignation Phenomena has evidently proved the change in work culture. Earlier, the number of jobs exceeded the number of qualified candidates. Today the tables have turned. According to Score’s Survey, 51% of HRs said that attracting high-quality candidates is a challenge. Many remote businesses are struggling to attract top-tier talent for a variety of reasons namely, location or lack of recognition, the shift in employee needs, disorganized interviewing process. Most companies are not hiring experts which are costing them time, money, and missed opportunities.

Tips for Hiring Best Talent

While hiring software developer for the team, the company can always keep these key points in mind for the business to grow and thrive in the marketplace.

Weeding out Traditional Approach

Earlier, hiring was as simple as buying any product. HR could just mention the degree required and years of experience in order to reach out to qualified candidates. In 2022, this approach has become obsolete. Any organization that sticks to such an approach will automatically eliminate numerous high performing candidates. Most qualified software developers do not have a formal degree relevant to their skills. Also, it had been proven over the years that the number of years of experience is just a number on a resume and does not vouch for the candidate’s skills. Therefore, if HR and Tech leaders desire to hire the best talents, it is essential to re-evaluate the parameters for hiring software developers as per today’s standards. 

 Assessing Soft skills of Software Developer

Most hiring cycles miss out on the assessment of soft skills thereby leading to bad hires. It is important to assess a candidate on soft skills to ensure smooth workflow. According to many researches, to become a good software developer, excellent communication skills and team working skills are a must. 

Harnessing the power of Social Media Platforms

LinkedIn and Facebook groups have become prominent platforms for hiring best talent. According to a Glassdoor survey, 79% of potential candidates use social media for job search. Therefore, recruiters must use this factor as an advantage to hire the best talents.

Using Employer Branding as a tool for Recruitment

Employer branding is a long-term game for attracting the best talents. It must focus on building long-term relationships through the network of employees. Employees talking about the company on social media platforms help to spread the buzz about company culture virally. Therefore, whenever top talents are actively looking for a new position, they’ll think of this company before reaching out to a recruiter.

Restructuring Job Descriptions

Job descriptions must be revised as per the market trends. It must highlight the benefits and facilities to attract top-tier talents. Focusing on the key pointers to attract talent while writing the job descriptions helps companies to reach out to the right candidates.

Utilizing Referral Programs

Use referral programs as a way to drum up press and create buzz around the company, this will attract some of the best developers who are looking for a job.The more people who know about the brand, the less the company potentially has to spend on brand awareness campaigns.

Avoid Significant Rewards for Referrals

While referral is definitely a great sourcing channel, fat bonuses to employees for referral can distort a fair selection of candidates. Referral reward is a good way to source qualified candidates but the organization must ensure the selection does not involve bias for referrals.

Look for clean coders

The software development industry is quite complex and the best software developers are the ones who can make it look easy. When hiring a software developer, recruiter must check whether the candidate can code in a neat and clean way. Using complex logics for solution may lead to greater difficulty during the maintenance and support phase of product development.

Make hyper-specific LinkedIn queries

Find qualified candidates faster by adding a few qualifying keywords to LinkedIn search. Example terms: won, award, promoted, managed, etc. Sorting through hundreds of candidates takes time, by using a more targeted search with terms that relate to a successful candidate will help narrow the search faster.

Use marketing assets

If the company has great assets and services use them as a recruitment branding tool. That will make the job offer or job posting more attractive to candidates, socandidates might appreciate the services or recognize the particular brand more right off the bat if the company markets them properly.

 Invest in Right Recruitment Tools

AI-enabled recruitment tools make screening candidates easier. Investing in such tools will enable a company to screen through thousands of applications in minutes without skipping any application due to the negligence of HRs.

Offer Flexibility of Software Environment

Flexibility has become a key employee demand. Most software developers enjoy the flexibility of working in diverse software environment. Hiring software developer having familiarity with diverse software environment provides the company better productivity than a software developer expert in a single software environment.

Don’t fixate on checklists

Being fixated on a skills checklist might make Tech HR and Tech managers who are looking for Software developers overlook good people. It’s better to take time and get to know a candidate even if they might not meet all the requirements at first glance.

Ask for a solution to a real-life technology problem

Give the engineer a real-life technology problem that has occurred within the organization and ask how he will handle and solve such a problem in the least possible time. This will give a better idea about his skills and creativity and how he will work on a project when he joins your company.

Boost Glassdoor reviews

Most candidates check Glassdoor reviews before taking up any job. Therefore, good reviews on Glassdoor can automatically attract the talents and help the company to source qualified candidates without any effort.

Final Thoughts

Hiring the best talents in the market requires the recruiters to think creatively. Understanding the applicant’s values and make sure they are the right fit for both the organization and role is significant for the suitability of an organization. Scaleup365 is the platform that connects recruiters with the best software developers in the market. Explore the above tips as well as Scaleup365’s website to hire the best talents.

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