10 Tips to Keep The Remote Employee Productive

Remote working is the most significant irreversible change in the current work culture. Tech leaders and HRs are adapting to this radical change along with digital transformation acceleration. The IT companies are enjoying enhanced productivity and profit owing to happy employees working from home.

Most companies have already hired remote software engineers from the global talent pool to rebuild their tech teams. One of the toughest challenges in remote working is the management of employees. If the IT company or HR fails to manage the remote employees, it may automatically affect productivity.

Hiring remote software engineers has become easier with virtual and technical HR cycles. However, keeping the remote employees productive requires significant efforts. To help out theTech leaders and HRs, Scaleup365 has some proven tips to keep the remote staff productive.

Provide the Right Software and Tools

The world’s top Tech leaders have ensured to build remote tech teams and keep them productive for over a year. Most IT organizations are following in their footsteps. While these companies hire software engineers for remote work, something missed out on is not providing the right tools.
Most technical operations require specific tools and software. Companies hiring remote software engineers must provide the new employees with the right set of hardware and software to make their work seamless.

Make Informal Communication Mainstream

Email overload is a bitter truth of the corporate world. With several related and unrelated emails in the inbox, employees fail to understand the conveyed instructions. Therefore, it is essential to break the stereotype of emailing every other thing.
Clear instructions sent in a group messaging platform convey the message without the headache of scrolling through hundreds of emails. Sending formal emails is important but also using an informal means of communication for quicker instructions enables employees to stay on the same page.

Personalize Internal Communication

Communication is the key to ensure the productivity of remote employees is not hampered. The retention of remote employees is a major concern nowadays. The best solution to ensure retention and productivity of remote employees is to personalize internal communication.
A personalized means of internal communication prevents remote employees from overwhelming through all the information while most of it may be irrelevant. Therefore, remote employees can now focus on the information that is relevant to them.

Listen and know the Employee Interests and Behavior

Building a connection is crucial when working with the remote tech team. HR must allow interaction sessions to understand the interests of the employees. Also, remote employees must be given the opportunity to collaborate. This enables the company to rebuild a stronger remote team bonding.

Ensure Flexibility as Well as Proper Tracking

Monitoring or checking in the remote employees every hour may hamper productivity drastically. HRs must create a milestone-based work timeline to ensure flexibility and performance tracking at the same time. This method not only keeps the work organized but also ensures it is completed within the time frame.

Assign Clear Breaks

One of the major drawbacks of remote working is that most companies do not assign clear breaks. Most employees work more than 14 hours to complete their tasks and finally burn out. Lack of mid breaks is one of the reasons for hampered productivity when working from home. Therefore, Tech leaders and HRs must assign clear breaks for the remote employees to help them energize themselves for the upcoming challenges.

Appreciate and Rewards

When employees are working in a remote environment, they may lose motivation which affects their productivity adversely. It is important for HRs or Tech leaders to acknowledge the accomplishments of remote employees. Additionally, rewarding the remote employees for their work or celebrating their success serves as an important aspect of maintaining their productivity.

Avoid long meetings

All meetings are virtual and most companies usually schedule many meetings in a day. Even though virtual, long meetings can actually hamper the productivity of remote employees. Arrange short meetings to ensure the instructions are conveyed clearly without dumping numerous unrelated stuff lengthening the sessions.

Do not Be Disconnected

A project usually has a number of teams operating separately. In the case of remote tech teams, it is essential to keep all the teams in sync with each other. Arranging video calls for all the teams at the same time enables the company to prevent disconnectedness, which may otherwise lead to a productivity dip.

Evaluate and Develop a Communication Strategy

Communication strategies are essential to effectively execute external and internal communication. It is essential to evaluate the existing communication strategy and redevelop it as per the remote working conditions.

Productivity is the most significant factor for any company. As most IT organizations are hiring remote software engineers, it is essential to take the necessary steps to keep remote teams productive. Hopefully, these tips will aid HRs and Tech leaders to keep remote teams productive when working from home.

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