7 Benefits to Hiring Remote Workers

1. Workers feel connected with technology

Most employees take communication at home for granted. No longer does one need to have an IT guy come to the house and install expensive equipment in order to easily communicate with the office team. Now, all that’s needed is a device or two and a Wi-Fi connection, and you have all of the communication amenities of a standard office.

2. Workers feel more productive

It may sound a little bit counterintuitive, but remote workers are actually more productive than their in-office counterparts. In a recent Global Workplace Analytics survey, 53 percent of remote workers stated they were likely to work overtime, while only 28 percent of their in-office counterparts suggested they would do the same.


Not everyone is most productive between the hours of 9 to 5. Some members of your team will be night owls, doing their best work long after the sun goes down; other workers will be morning larks, whose productivity comes before the sun rises.

3. Businesses save money

Real estate is the most obvious way in which a company will save. According an article on Sqwiggle.com, “a study sponsored by collaboration software company PGi showed that by switching to telecommuting full time, a business could save $10,000 per employee per year in real estate costs. Expand that out to a 20-person team, and you’re talking serious spending money.”

4. Workers avoid the stress of the commute

Let’s face it, long commutes are terrible — I’m not stating anything new. But did you know that long commutes actually make your employees miserable? Swedish researchers discovered that a commute longer than 45 minutes for just one partner in a marriage makes the couple 40 percent more likely to divorce.

5. Employees save money

It’s not as if businesses are alone in saving money. Gas prices are going up and the cost of public transportation is also rising. Not only are people becoming depressed by their commute, they’re going broke. According to the ConnectSolutions survey, the average remote worker surveyed said that they save approximately $4,600 per year by working from home – the equivalent of a couple of months in a mortgage payment.

6. Access to global talent

When you hire people who need to commute to work, you’re restricting your accessible talent pool to your geographical area. That said, there is a world of A-plus talent outside of your commuting radius. Run a startup in Tulsa, Oklahoma? Well, by hiring remote workers, you’ll be able to hire software developers in San Francisco and Boston. Also, if you want high-quality talent but can’t afford to break the bank, you’ll find a great full-time engineer in Egypt willing to work for a fraction of the cost.

Credit: Post initially by Greg Digneo

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